All news from MUGEN CHINA.

2010/05/17 - 2010/05/27


Igniz Scarlet by ABAB updated;

AI patch for KFC?' SWOEDMAN update
& AI patch for Marisya's cureblossom

*Cureblossom by Marisya

SWORDMAN by KFC update;

SFIV_Skyscraper_Under_Construction by JAM released

CVS2 Screenpack Mugen 1.0RC7

[AI Patch] Washizuja by Raposo

Ikaruga has just released an AI patch for Washizuka by Raposo.

Character hosted here :
Ikaruga page : http://cid-4b85e80547c779f0.skydrive...e.aspx/.Public

nishiura Baseball`s by anamochi updated;

AI patch for "Beppu's kyo99" by st hosted;

AI patch for ⑨‘s Kunagi Tenrou by Syuri update;

*Kunagi Tenrou by ⑨

3 Characters by Kishio updated;

Athena-P by P-tan released

2 AI patches by Psyqhical(pp) hosted

*Psyqhical & Gustab-Munchausen by Zelgadis(offline?)

B_Komachi by soruzin update

3 chars by Hyperhiroro update;

Shiki Ryougi by 41 updated;

school days school

3 chars by (高崎 舟) update;

AI patch for gomashio‘s Byakuren by Gappuster update;

*Hiziri Byakuren by gomashio

AI patch for "Ayumu Sekijo's Nineball Seraph" by 脳内住民 updated;

*Nineball Seraph by Ayumu Sekijo

Psycho Killer by Count Monte released

Thalia by IF released

AI patch for IF’s Thalia by Silvan released

*Thalia by IF

AI patch for "Hyperhiroro's Aiwhen" by ちいたまupdated;

*Aiwhen by Hyperhiroro

"FritzLB" by Nanashi(Me) updated
名の無限 (Blog)

! "The Last Blade" arrenge

AI patch for Frule‘s Sanae by nns released

*Kotiya Sanae by by Frule

Yukari Yakumo By Shiroto update;

Rin by seapon updated;

Hiziri Byakuren by gomashio updated;

2 AI patches by Tobikage updated;

*God Rugal by Warusaki3

Kusanagi by Izumo

2 chars by Ina updated;

Ssf2x Gouki by G.D.T updated;

AI patch for "GM's Alex" by Felicity updated;

*Alex by GM

Machi Ayaya by Felicity updated;

*Street Fighter Series of Guile style arrangement.

Stage: X-Man Mutant Apocalipse - Sentinel's Factory updated

link :

Goro Daimon (edited from Sander71113's Daimon) by El Solo released;

Piccolo B3 by Kramer updated

MK VS SF: The Bank Stage BY MARCOS SSJ4 released

2 chars by sati(blog) updated;

Dee Jay Maximus updated by Eken55

Joe Higashi by Bark‘s Dad update

3 AI patches by Tobikage updated;

*Yagami-AKOF by jin

*God Rugal by Warusaki3
*Syo Kirishima by Ahuron

豪血寺2 お志摩ステージ by JAM released;

Kusanagi by Izumo update

2 chars by muteki

AI patch for Tamago Kanten‘s ashura by BraveRanford (blog) released;
& skapokan update

AI patch for NHK’s Rai by wakuwaku updated;

*Rai Bakuoh by NHK

FritzLB by Nanashi update

AI for "mass's Solis"by 流れ者 updated;

*Solis=R8000 by mass

Tenshi & Reimu by Gu update

真・ドノヴァン ver1.00 (for 1.0)by 白黑猫氏 update

All AI patches & ALL chars by Tobikage updated;

*KUSANAGI & Rugal 94 & Iori Yagami by Ali
*CLESS ALVEIN & Kyle Dunamis by Rainman

*Clone Kyo & Yagami-AKOF & KUSANAGI by jin
*Krizarid- & Kusanagi XI by Chin-ya
*Krizalid by Nyankoro

*Joe by H
*God Rugal by Warusaki3
*SvC Mr.Karate by Warusaki3
*Syo Kirishima & Kim Kaphwan by Ahuron
*krizalid by GodRyu
*Setsuna by HSR

Kusanagi by Izumo

Dimlos by muko updated;

123Th M pack by Mikage updated;

AI patch for "Souki's Yuyuko Saigyouji" by sekt updated;

*Yuyuko Saigyouji by Souki

Sonic & Shadow by ABAB updated;

5 Characters by Noobic Cube updated;

Dummy by Rin&Bat updated;

AI patch for Warusaki3‘s Yamazaki by yuki released
2 AI patches update

*God Rugal & Rugal by Warusaki3
*CvS Yamazaki by Warusaki3(Online)

Rody Birts by Jezekiel & Nyko updated

The Lich King, Arthas, by Zuhukanah released

Iori; V. Ken, Ken and Kyo updates by Hero

CSN Kim, Captain Guile update by Eken55 update

Master Storm Updated by Speedy9199

Ultra Seven by UMA hosted;

BALTAN by UMA updated;

Adelex by nekome released

rimururu by 3ha update;

Mado Gakusha by BluishCat update

Kyo-NE (orig.jin's EX Kyo) by nekohoshi updated;
& patch for K.O.D‘s K-02um

K 02um by K.O.D

All the chars by YU-TOHARU updated;

Nazuna Inuwaka by huton updated;

[Hi-Res Stage]Coliseum by Master Yoda released:

AI patch for Juke Kisaragi‘s Kasumi by kknto(カッ昏倒) updated;

*Kasumi Todo by Juke Kisaragi

Zee Kung Fu Man by Zero-Sennin(edit of Oggy version) released -R.C Mugen

AI patch for そむE様(som)の Koakuma by Neoneo released

*Koakuma by som

AI patch for NHK’s Kevin by DHQ released

*Kevin by NHK

Atomos by Ali update;

Glacius' stage hires released


1 AI patch by Hutuno updated;

*Sanzou Kongoumaru by ⑨

4 chars by tora update

infigter by White Hair Knight

]AI patch for Syu Takasaki's Bao" by ran updated;

*Bao by 高崎 舟

4 AI patches by BraveRanford (blog) updated;

*Hotaru XI & Hotaru XI for 1.0 by M3

P3 HERO (Persona 3 Hero) by UN updated;

CammyCustom by Cannon Musume updated;

[Hi-res Stage]Silver Motion Stage by XTRM released

Rubette by Hyperhiroro released;

AI for Mouki's Kimsueil by Doruzi released
2 AI patches updated;

*Kim Sueil by Noise Low
*Kim Sueil by Mouki
*KD-Haohmaru by K.O.D(offline??)

Ranma by Ankokunaitou update;

ryu by NRF updated;

5 chars by tora update

Bulleta by Koopakoot update

kasumi by (高崎 舟) update;

Anonym by NS(blog) released;

RoppenHeimer & Nick Command by Shimon updated;