Portrait Lighting Techniques with Bobbi Lane
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Course in working with lighting in portrait photography.
Host - Bobby Lane. Professional photographer with 30 years experience. Specializing in creating creative portraits.

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This comprehensive educational and instructional DVD on lighting is an hour long and packed with information. Subjects include:
Posing techniques for headshots, 3 / 4, and full length
Grooming and corrective techniques
Lighting patterns
Names and uses of lights
Placement of lights
How strobes work
Metering techniques with strobes and incident meters
Selecting the proper light modifier
Umbrellas, beauty dishes, Fresnel, soft boxes, and grid spots
Lighting for the mood
1, 2, and 3 light setups
Balancing strobe and ambient light
In the DVD, I light three models with different skin types; two women and one man, in a variety of settings, from soft and beautiful, to dramatic and moody. One of the great features of this DVD is that when I photograph the model, the RAW file of the image capture is displayed, so you can freeze the frame and review all of the information immediately. At the end of each section, the lighting equipment used for that setup is shown.

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