Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Training System
Language: English
10 Sessions (10 tapes)
Origin: original remastered VHS´s on DVD
4 DVD´s
DVD Source: NTSC
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Credits, and 10 session
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The Weider System has been in existence for fifty years or so, and has grown over the years to incorporate other great training ideas as they came along. It's actually not a "system" in the strict definition of the term, but rather a "guide" to aid you in developing your own personal system based on your own unique recuperative ability, experience, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and ---well -- "guts" to go the distance.
This Weider System "guidelines" comes in the form of a series of training methods collected (and in most instances named) by Joe Weider personally over many years, which became widely known as the Weider Principles. In fact, of the Weider Principles that were developed by Joe personally, one in particular had a major impact on the world of bodybuilding. That was the concept of splitting your workouts to train specific body parts. The split system, double split system and triple split system, as they became known as, are Joe's unique contribution to bodybuilding science.

Special Features:

* 10 training sessions, packed with nearly 6.5 hours of comprehensive bodybuilding training information
* Featuring Joe Weider and 47 legendary IFBB PRO champions and fitness experts who teach and demonstrate the Weider System
* 90 exercise demonstration and routines
* 4 full-body workout programs
* 46-page System Program Guide, complete with a Weider Dictionary of important terms
* Perpetual training log to plan and track your workout and nutrition programs

6.5 Hours of Video:

Session 1. Introduction: The Weider System
Session 2. Basic Bodybuilding Techniques
Session 3. Back & Biceps
Session 4. Chest & Triceps
Session 5. Legs & Shoulders
Session 6. Detail Training: Calves, Abs & Forearms
Session 7. Mass & Strength Training
Session 8. Nutrition & Diet
Session 9. Advanced Training: The Weider Principles
Session 10. Training Safe & Smart

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