Jennifer Nicole Lee - Fabulously Fit Moms
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New Moms Workout - Firm exercises stellar instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee will allow you to easily and happily engaged to 30 minutes a day, get back in shape after pregnancy. This diverse training suitable for those who only became a mummy, and for those who have already managed to forget partially that recently their beloved child was not yet in the world!It is built on the principles of fusion workout, combining soft yoga, pilates and functional training. You can do exercises with medbolom or her baby (as a complication). The main charm of this exercise is that you get the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals, spending time with your child! two parts: New Moms Workout and Special Stending Combo (built on fragments of Sleek And sexy Workout) Equipment needed: Scarf (scarf) Math and medbol or your kid ...

Upper Body Blast - Celebrity Trainer Jennifer Nicole Lee is very interesting came to build a workout for upper body with a deficit of free time for young mothers! It combines exercises with dumbbells to shoulder girdle and exercises on balance for muscle-stabilizers in simultaneous balanced flow. Jennifer uses the technique of functional training to ensure that you have a strong and accurate figure. In carrying out this exercise, you can not worry about losing femininity and attractiveness! two parts: Upper Body Blast and Special Cardio Combo (built on fragments of Super Energized). Equipment Needed: 1-2 kg dumbbells, rubber bands, a scarf (scarf), step and Math.

Lower Body Burn - Jennifer Nicole Lee tighten, tones and strengthen your body below the waist. "Branded" Jennifer exercises (such as "Plié Zip Up" and "Starburst Lunges") will be effective with the lower part of your body. Your hips and buttocks to melt in his eyes, getting perfect shapes! two parts: Lower Body Burn and Special Floor Combo (built on fragments of Sleek And sexy Workout). Equipment Needed: 1-2 kg dumbbells, scarf (scarf), mate

Total Body Workout - Tighten and tone the whole body - from head to toe with a fat burning cardio, strength training from Jennifer Nicole Lee. This lesson is designed to ensure a balance between strength and flexibility, suitable not only for young mothers. It can successfully use a girl of any fitness level! two parts: Total Body Workout and Special Floor Combo (built on fragments of Lower Body Burn). Equipment needed: dumbbells 1-2 kg, mate. At the request during the power unit can be used for burdening feet.

Super Energized - Speed up your metabolism in this fat burning workout a blast! Jennifer invites you and in the busiest business day to get your dose of confidence and satisfaction from the workout done! two parts: Super Energized and Special Cardio Sculpt (built on fragments of TBW). Equipment needed: step and weights 1.2 kg

Sleek and sexy - Jennifer will help you wake up in a dancer, and reminds you of femininity and sensuality in this fun and easy to perform exercise, allowing to fix your posture! The rhythmic motion of Fusion Pilates and power yoga will strengthen your muscles and give them elegant thin lines. Jennifer shows you how much fun you can get from a training routine! two parts: Sleek And sexy Workout and Special Floor Combo (built on fragments of Lower Body Burn). Equipment needed: Scarf (headscarf), mat and weights 2.1 kg

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