David DeAngelo - Approaching Women And Starting Conversations Review Reup | 3.7GB
Format : AVI
Genre : Elearning

There are 3 types of men that will benefit from this program: 1. Guys who have a hard time approaching women... have never approached a woman before or have approached very few women... and want a shortcut to success that will give them this skill without having to spend YEARS learning it on their own 2. Guys who are already ok at approaching women... can approach a woman in some or most situations... but aren't always getting postive responses, and don't always turn the phone numbers and email addresses they get into dates, because they aren't generating enough ATTRACTION 3.
Guys who are already GOOD at approaching women, who simply want to load their arsenal with a TON of killer lines and advanced strategies (such as approaching women who are out with other men, how to approach 10's and super-hot women, etc...) You will receive: - Almost 10 full hours of digitally recorded material on 10 Audio CDs or 5 DVDs of David and his guests PERSONALLY teaching you everything I've described above - A sturdy 3-ring binder to hold your DVDs and other materials

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