Balloon School with Joe Montella DVD
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Balloon School by Joe Montella - DVD - Want to take your balloon magic to the next level? Get Balloon School by Joe Montella!! Balloon School by Joe Montella
Who Needs Balloon School?
Hobbyists who love making beautiful art for people? Practically everyone loves balloon sculptures. This is one of the only arts in the world that takes so little time to master and gives so much! If you like making people smile, get Balloon School! Working Professional Magicians looking to add extra value to their services. Get paid (a helluva lot) more after learning just the basic nine! Imagine doubling your current fees! Balloon Artists looking for better material. You wont find a more marketable set of sculptures than the set Joe teaches in Balloon School! Entrepreneurs looking for a way to make a living doing something fun and exciting! This isnt just an instructional DVD set. Joe's tips on getting hired, cold-calling, and maximizing your income make it a powerful business tool that has the power to change your future.

Balloon School is excellent for any performer, teacher, dentist, preacher, salesperson, parent, grandparent, uncle, big brother, big sister (the little ones too), magician, manager, presenter, boyfriend, girlfriend, scientist, doctor, pediatrician, or clown... anyone who was born to perform!
Get ready! School is in session!
You'll Learn:
The Tools:
# The Balloons
# The Pump
# The Apron
The Techniques: The Basic Building Blocks of all Balloon Sculpture
# The Bubble
# The Match
# The Lock
# The Loop
# Pin Hole-ing the balloon
# The Pinch-twist
# The Heart Manipulation
# The Poodle Tail
# Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Headlights, Spots, Etc.
The Basic Nine Balloon Sculptures:
# Dog
# Giraffe
# Sword
# Flower
# Airplane
# Heart
# Butterfly
# Teddy Bear
# Cat
Advanced Balloons: These are Joe's Most Requested Advanced Sculptures
# Palm Tree
# Monkey
# Monkey on Palm
# Teddy Bear on Heart
# Man
# Mermaid
# Baseball Cap
# Jester's Hat
# Advanced Butterfly
# Ladybug
# Motorcycle
# Penguin
# Diamond Ring
# Chicken
# Rose
# GIANT Five Balloon Tiger
How to construct GIANT SCULPTURES
Steps to Success: The Business side of Balloon Entertainment
Bonus Material:
# Inserting Objects into your sculptures (Ladybug) - Imagine giving a prospect your phone number this way!
# Performance Montage - See Joe live in action as he becomes "The Balloon Guy" and works the Las Vegas Strip. See how he interacts with the kids, the parents, and everyone in between!
This DVD is the best investment any balloonist could make - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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