Knit Bags, Purses, Totes, Cases l 117.86 MB

A collection of knit patterns for bags, purses, clutches, iPod and mobile cases, market totes etc....
There's four books, many individual patterns and a Word document compilation.
Everything was carefully renamed for consistency, so that the file name reflects the real title, and you can see whether you have it or not.
The book by Emma King "25 bags to knit" was very badly scanned and I had to Photoshop it quite a bit. I tried to make the page backgrounds white instead of "scanner blueish grey" or "scanner pinkish grey" (not easy because the shade was not uniform) and lighten up the pictures as well, giving some contrast etc... It took me a lot, because you cannot do batch work of this kind. You can see a couple of pages I left as they were, for comparison.

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